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Cardinal Conclave event.
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We require a minimum of 20 guests and a maximum of 60.
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Cardinal Conclave events must take place Monday - Thursday and are subject to blackout dates.
Here's the fine print. Do you agree to abide by these terms and conditions? 

Cardinal Spirits will donate our staff and distillery space to your organization for one night.

Causes must be approved by Cardinal Spirits.

A minimum number of 20 guests is required. The maximum number of people we can accommodate in the distillery is 60.

15% of the night's proceeds from your group (including drinks, bottles and merchandise sold) will be donated back to your organization (checks will be written out and delivered to you within two weeks).

Cardinal Conclave events must take place Monday - Thursday and are subject to blackout dates.

You will have up to 3 hours use of the space.

Value of the use of space for in-kind trade information is $100/hr

Outside food is allowed but must be approved.

You may have a dj or band (acoustic bands are prefered as the space is relatively small).

You may have a silent auction or raffle, Cardinal Spirits will donate a private tour.

No open flames of any sort are allowed.

Everyone, including organizers, must be out of the Distillery by 10:30p.
Cardinal Spirits closes at 10p, last call for guests will be at 9:30p.

Organizers must clean up after their guests and leave the distillery as clean as they found it.

Groups are limited to using the space once every 6 months.

All guests must be 21+ *

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